Marijuana Use Among the Petz Community

weed drawing

You wouldn’t believe it and neither would I, but there is rampant marijuana use with those follow members and fans in the pet community. What alerted me to this revelation is the fact that alot of the fans I receive on my site ask me for specific tutorials on how to draw a “nice” weed leaf, or how to outline and detail some marijuana buds. For me at first I was a little bit stressed out from all the people wanting this from me, but then I eventually decided to cave and give the audience what they wanted. I wasn’t concerned about the legal matters of weed, it’s preparation,  or any moral implications of smoking it, heck I would even suggest alternatives on how to get high without weed for the smokers who just must know this. But for those who just insist on toking up with their buddies come 4:20 and then engaging in drawing some petz, or making videos, this post is for you.

So what makes the perfect drawing of the perfect looking marijuana plant? Simple, the dimensions have to be correct, the detail on the leaf has to be top quality, and it litterally has to come out finished like you want to smoke a blunt from the paper it was drawn on. Now i’m not saying to do that, heck I don’t even prefer blunts myself, i’d much rather roll up a spliff, toke it, and let the roach burn down slowly before I was so stoned i’d sit on the couch and think of all the petz on the internet and how I can out do each and every single one of them, but alas, I digress. So lets get started, first put your palm down on a piece of paper and trace the roots of your fingers around it, this will be the outline of the weed leaf. Then you have to add two more fingers or “prongs” as they’re called so that the leaf can have a total of seven of them.

Now that we’re making progress you have to try to add some crystals that will represent thc of the plant. This isn’t easily done, especially since thc is something you actually smoke and feel in your system as you get high, rather than something you visualize. Alot of tokers claim that the substance that makes a bud sticky is infact the potent thc mixed with other substances that derive from the plant. That last statement has not really been debated in the scientific community because of the fact that the chemical that gets people high from smoking pot has actually been identified and can be quantified in such a way that it can even be cooked in food like pot brownies.


Can you make me a layout?
Did you try the tutorials on the site? It’s always better if you try to make something first, but normally if you ask nicely, and I’m in a good mood, I will make you a layout.

Can you hex me xxx?
I don’t normally do hexing requests unless the page is up and running, but it never hurts to ask!

Can we be sister sites?
I’m currently not looking for sister sites, but occasionally I am. Just ask.

Can I request a hexed litter?
Certainly, usually people do that in their adoption forms, but you can post a request on the shoutbox, or email me. I don’t always make a litter…I do try though.

What’s an Overwriting Breedfile?
An overwriting breedfile is when you leave a hexed breedfile with markings in your game, and then breed that breed together.

Do Hexies pass on their colors?
No, they don’t. Unless you have the overwriting breedfile from which it was hexed.

Where can I get Petza?
From Sherlock’s Software

Where can I get hexing programs?
You can find a list of hexing programs here

Where can I find xxx breedfile?
Here are the most common breedfiles that are searched for: CKBC/Ck Husky etc., Hurricane Aussie, Shepdane, and the Doobie. If you’re looking for another one, contact me, and I’ll see if I can help.

How do you come up with your “weird” names?
Well…sometimes you just can’t think of any names, so I use a name generator.

Can I change xxx’s eyelid color?
Sure, go a head.

Where did you get your tagboard?
I found the tutorial to make it here. Then I just modified it to my taste.

Do you know of any good texture sites?
No…I think Diversity is the only one that has textures…

Do you have any more textures?
lol, I promise whatever I have I put up for you guys to have as well.

Where do you get your anime pictures you sometimes use in layout?
Some of the pictures, I screencap myself, while others I get from my favorite sites:
Anime Project Alliance
Anime Galleries .net
Anime Stocks
Naruto Evolution [Spanish]
Saiyan Island

Where can I find Mojo’s Breedz and Playscenes?
Click around and it will be found

Where can I find a member’s script like yours?
Right here on this site as long as you contact me.

The Past, the Future, and the Current State of Petz

Welcome to Diversity, a petz 3/4/5 website and now home to the Petz Fanlisting which is approved by The Fanlistings. I specialize in hexies, and mixies. You will find all sorts of things here at Diversity which is owned by Noelle. I have made this site out of need for a little diversity in the petz community. So, welcome, fellow petz lover, enjoy your stay, adopt, bookmark and leave a message on our shoutbox.

Well, as many of you know, I’m currently a sophmore in college now and as such, I have completely given up petz in order to pursue video editing in the little free time that I hav in hopes of someday becoming an 3D (or 2D) Animator. Keeping Diversity updated and making new downloads just doesn’t interest me as much as it used to. April 18th was Diversity’s 9th birthday and I’m sorry to say that Diversity is now offically an archive site. Don’t expect frequent updates or many at all. I will try and keep the domain name and web hosting, so for now, Diversity and all its downloads will still be online.

With that being said, if you have any tutorial requests, email me. I will look over the ones I get and try and complete the ones that I know that only I, or a handful of others still know how to do. One I am planning on doing is a clothing tutorial using Petz workshop. It’s the last thing I was experimenting with before school and time caught up with me. It’ll more than likely be my last pioneering tutorial for the petz community. I do still respond to hexing questions if I can recall how to fix it, so that’s an optio if anyone is stuck.

I will work on making a new layout so this horrible Halloween layout doesn’t have to stay around forever. I’m putting the tagboard back on for a while. Hopefully it won’t get spammed again.

I’m sad it had to come to this, but eventually I always knew I would have to move on. I was one of the oldies of the community so I place the petz community in the few, newer petz sites out there. Good luck guys! This site kept me going and I’m proud to say that I after all my hard work, I finally got Diversity the popularity it deserved. Thank you to my all my friends and followers that stuck with me through the years!!!

Some of my fans have written me with the following messages:


It was an honour to be sisters with you before you left, i hope that one day when you aren’t as busy you might possibly consider coming back because although you didn’t post on any forums you were still one of the biggest people in the PC and you will be sorely missed. I was never in the PC from the beggining but I still have a load of memories from this place, its what really got me involved in the PC. So thankyou Noelle for your many tutorials without which I wouldn’t have a site and most of all thankyou for all the friends i’ve made in the PC that I wouldn’t even know without Diversity. Thank you for the tutorials. Im really down that you’re going. But you tought me many things. I left petz too. Idk if I told you earlier but this layout is AWESOME lol While my time was short at APKC, I was lucky enough to meet you. I always pondered your winged CKBCs (lol) and I hoped to someday have a pair lol. But anyway, you were an incredibly nice person and this site is absolutely wonderful; even though its sad to see you leave the petz community, I wish all the best in video editing.

I love you Noelle, thanks for responding to my email- the memories- however vague- were very good from all those years ago :D <3 I LOVE DIVERSITY <3 It’s sad to see it be an archive but atleast it;’s still around. While I really didn’t know you well Noelle, I am a frequent visitor of diversity, and I am sad to see you leaving :( GL with your video editing and stuff, and hopfully one day your interest in petz may re-spark. Has anyone heard of not writing chats! Geez! If you have to post that do it somewhere else. Noelle we will all miss you greatly you are an amazing part of the petz community. Please keep in touch with all of us. Thanks so much for everything you have done for the petzie community. You are truly an amazing person, and I’m sure you’ll go far in life.